Faith and Finances

A stewardship curriculum for schools and churches

Welcome to the Faith and Finances Video Sessions

This course offers relevant content for all students regardless of their stage of life. It serves all educational levels: certificate (weekend retreat), undergraduate (two-day seminar), graduate (two-weekend course), and doctoral (one-week intensive). Because God’s Word has much to say about money, the Scriptures provide the primary content. Also, as God owns everything, the concept of stewardship frames the discussions and the assignments. The course contains twelve modules in four units.

Unit One: God’s Word on Financial Management

Module 1: Stewardship in the Old Testament
Module 2: The Generosity of Jesus in the Gospels
Module 3: The Financial Practices of the Early Church

Unit Two: The Three Core Practices of Stewards

Module 4: Earning an Income from Your Work
Module 5: Saving a Portion of Income
Module 6: Storing Up Treasures in Heaven

Unit Three: Financial Skills of Faithful Stewards

Module 7: All About Budgeting
Module 8: Avoiding the Dangers of Debt
Module 9: Seeking Christian Counsel on Complex Financial Issues

Unit Four: Best Practices for Marriage, Family, and Ministry

Module 10: Money in Marriage—Financial Advice for Couples
Module 11: Finances for Families—Leaving a Legacy
Module 12: Money in Ministry—Faithful Administration

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About the Author

Gary G. Hoag, Ph.D., has dedicated his life to encouraging Christian generosity as the Generosity Monk. He provides spiritual and strategic counsel for nurturing a culture of generosity in local churches and helps ministry administrators consider biblical and practical pathways for raising up givers to participate generously with them in God’s work.