Good and Faithful

A Ten-week Study on Financial Stewardship

Welcome to the Good and Faithful Video Sessions

Do you want to hear the words: “Well done, good and faithful steward?” For most, the answer is, of course, “Yes!” But when mortgages, grocery bills, vacations, and Christmas presents compete with our giving in the monthly budget, being good stewards of our finances is often easier said than done.

Through ten weeks of short video segments, key biblical references, and helpful lessons, Good and Faithful: Ten Stewardship Lessons for Everyday Living will help both groups and individuals navigate the often-complex task of handling money faithfully on earth, which also prepares us to give an account of our stewardship to God in eternity.

Part One: God’s Word on Financial Management

Lesson #1: Stewardship in the Old Testament
Lesson #2: The Generosity of Jesus in the Gospels
Lesson #3: The Financial Practices of the Early Church

Part Two: Three Core Practices of Stewards

Lesson #4: Earning an Income from Work
Lesson #5: Saving a Portion of Income
Lesson #6: Storing up Treasures in Heaven

Part Three: Financial Skills of Faithful Stewards

Lesson #7: Budgeting—Put to Work What God Provides
Lesson #8: Borrowing—Avoid the Dangers of Debt
Lesson #9: Seek Christian Counsel on Complex Financial Issues


Lesson #10: Abundant Living and Fruitful Service

About the Author

Gary G. Hoag, Ph.D., has dedicated his life to encouraging Christian generosity as the Generosity Monk. He provides spiritual and strategic counsel for nurturing a culture of generosity in local churches and helps ministry administrators consider biblical and practical pathways for raising up givers to participate generously with them in God’s work.